Rehabilitación de un inmueble del siglo xix sevilla
“Divisare, Atlas of Architecture” ha publicado en su álbum «Apartments Blocks» la Rehabilitación de un inmueble del Siglo XIX en la Calle Santa María de Gracia, Sevilla», obra que terminamos en 2005.
21 apartamentos entorno a un patio, Sevilla.

divisare, atlas of architecture, Apartments Blocks


House of flats with a double bay to facade (with mezzanine) and perimeter bay parallel to two of the party walls of the plot, adjoining to the third of them a courtyard with porticoed gallery. This arrangement was manifested in ground floor and first. The second floor was the result of partially eliminating the double bay that was attached to the party wall at the bottom of the plot. The third floor constituted the roof of the building where the occupation did not respond to any logical trace. The volumes of laundries and storerooms were attached to the lateral border.

The process of transformation undergone by the property had substantially distorted the original building typology, fundamentally from the double bay of facade to the interior courtyard of the plot. The covering of the porticoed yard and backyard in first floor and the appropriation of part of the main yard for greater dimensioning of one of the premises, filled and solidified the ground floor in such a way that the traditional transparency that the hallway assumes in these residential typologies was distorted.

On the traces of the existing building had been undergoing renovations during the first half of the twentieth century, until the year 1950, in which a project of works by Don Antonio Delgado Roig, executed almost entirely (except of the change of position of the main entrance) is basically reached to the current state in which the property was when we undertook the project.
During this time It has been passed of use of the properties for houses for rent and commerce, to the whole building destined to commerce, and finally to repair shop, offices and houses.
The different uses to which the different parts of the building have been used have led to alterations and replacements of stair positions and secondary yards and façade hollows, as well as the covering of the main courtyard.

It was not possible to document the date of construction of the primitive property, nor the original typological characteristics of the same, although they seemed to respond to the characteristics previously defined.


The property was listed with a level of protection «C» and the urban planning regulations allowed three heights (ground + 3), being the conditions of occupation the own of the historic center of Seville on a plot of 565.57 sqm of land.

The project that is presented, is based on the following premises:
A: The maintenance and rehabilitation of the two first bays of façade that correspond, together with the original staircase and the layout of the vestibule, to the traditional 19th century house.
B: The replacement of the rest of the building by a new construction that:
1: Enables the execution of a basement of car parks, a prerequisite to carry out a residential development in such a central location and with a large deficit of parking spaces like this one.
2: It allows the recovery of the sequence of the street – hallway on the ground floor and the dialogue between the maintained (rehabilitated) and the constructed (new plant), from contemporary attitudes, where full and empty, the different uses allow a clear reading of the project.
3: Develops housing types that incorporate the gaps of the proposal to the homes themselves, as a stay more of them. Thus coexist types that live and breathe from the main yard or the street, and others in which these voids act as previous compasses or as an extension of the dwellings to which they appear and serve.
The construction work, after several adjustments to the real dimensions of the plot, and after demolition of part of the property, was completed in January 2006, following a process that began in April 2001.